Patent Pending - Automatic device to dose the pastries
Patent Pending
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Image 1The company Patent Pending, s.r.o. introduces its unique invention protected by patent: device for dosing of non-packed pastries which is usable mainly for retail-trade sales.

Why have you to cooperate with us?

We dispose of production capacity, work-shop and technical equipment for designing and production of technical devices even made-to-measure.

We own our own Legal Department consisting of lawyers and patent barristers.

We own our own technical department of specialist and professionals in technology, electric, robotics and mechatronics.
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History of the company

We are a modern company acting on the marker since 2011, whereby we try to use the most modern trends in the area of food industry. Our pilot project is the worldwide unique device for automatic dosing of pastries™, which is protected by patent in nine national patent petitions and one international patent application for the moment.

About us

Thinking is the most difficult thing and so our company deals with thinking and inventor’s activities. We have new ideas and, primarily, the power to perform, accomplish and finalize them. Technical solutions have to change the world, increase the life quality of people. Just the technology has to move us forwards and this is and this is a challenge for us.

As originators we are sure, that if there are no visionaries no airplane could fly because things heavier than air are not able to fly. If Henry Ford had been asked by the beginning of 20th century which car he had to contrive, other people had said that he had to contrive “better” horses. So we do not ask anywhere.
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Attention, serial equipment for dispensing unwrapped bakery products are already on sale!
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